20 May 2018 !!

First test tour in 3 incredible locations:  San Ruffino ResortAgriturismo ColleverdeBorgo di Colleoli.

Our team was composed by 4 fiat 500 in a terrific starting grid:

  • 500 L model year 1971
  • 500 F model year 1972 (fleet leader)
  • 500 D model year 1964
  • 500 N model year 1958

First stop : San Ruffino Resort

Such an incredible day visiting the 3 locations and crossing Terre di Pisa territory. The guests and visitors had the opportunity to discover our cars and services. The kids (and also the adults) were enthusiastic and enjoyed this novelty. The guests and our team could taste a welcome drink in San Ruffino resort, after a rich snack (pic nic) in Agriturismo Colleverde and finally an appetizer in Borgo di Colleoli.  The organization of the event was made by Professione Accoglienza.

A thanksgiving to all the participants. I invite you all to get on board on our 500 !!!

Photos made by Dronetop

Other photos




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