A trip aboard the Vespa

Pontedera: Per l’ultimo appuntamento legato al programma per il 70esimo della due ruote Piaggio, un video con i film che l’hanno avuta fra i protagonisti Sorgente: In biblioteca, un viaggio in sella alla Vespa

Back home after Workshop in Agrietour 11/12 November 2016

I am back from Agrietour…for me it was the first time and it was so terrific !!! amazing !!! Really i could not espect such a beautiful workshop on knowing a lot of interesting people. I had the possibility to talk with so a variety of nations with a common interest…..the tourist !!! Really nice…

Tutti in moto per l’apertura di Palp

PONTEDERA: The Praetorian Palace opens with an exhibition Thursday, December 8th. More than 150 works by artists such as Fattori, Carra, Boccioni and Balla Sorgente: Tutti in moto per l’apertura di Palp


Pottery Workshop in Calcinaia (Pi) Sorgente: #museococcapani – Ricerca su Facebook