500 is ready to start !!

The classic Fiat 500 is ready to start the tours! The car is the leader of the fleet, born in 1972 it’s an F model with a double clutch system, all original and in a stunning, dark blue colour.  I have completely restored it over the past few months. Enjoy the car and soon I…


The new page of our classic Fiat 500 Tours is ready! Check out the site to see our new section of Fiat 500 tours with a simple and easy way to find out all about them and book our new, stunning experiences. 500 TOURS Soon we will post videos and photos of the tours, so…

Pisa Mover

From Pisa airport to Pisa railway station Source : PisaToday

The “Francigena” route runs now also on Google Maps

Some hikers selected by the Region have mapped the historic route with a technological backpack and is now available from our sofa. Sorgente: La Francigena ora si percorre anche su Google Maps – Video – Toscana – il Tirreno