New partnership with PEM

The 13 march 2018 I visited the 2 founders of PEM :

I was immediately fascinated from their idea about emotional cards !!

You can fix your special moments that you are living during the holiday and decide to send your pictures to your parents and your friends. And how ??  On printing your emotional photos on a postcard (as we used to do in the past) !! You can download the app, send the choosen photo and Pem will do the rest for you. 


  1. you can choose the image you like for the post card
  2. you don’t have to buy a stamp
  3. you don’t have to find a post office

Incredible and so fascinating !!!!

Immediately I decided to cooperate with this project and these guys. So every photo you will take during our tours you have the possibility to send a post card to your family or friends !!

Here below you can see 2 examples of postcards of our tours.


Maboo Tourism






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