Vintage Selection 2018…incredible success!

Here we are…back from Vintage Selection in Florence (24 to 28 January 2018).

What an incredible fair…i could meet a lot of  interesting italian and international people. I could explain our tours but also listen to some old and fascinating stories.

A couple, 78 and 77 years old, they shyly approached with their eyes full of emotion on looking at the 500. I asked them permission to know the reason for this emotion and he told me that in year 1964 he bought the car by making many sacrifices. He asked his girlfriend to marry him and they decided to make the honeymoon in Barcellona by driving the 500 starting from Florence. The car was a D model, year 1964, beige colour. The travel lasted 15 days and they drove from town to town without booking the hotel. It was an adventure…the 15 August 1964 they slept in the car because they did not find a hotel, there were few motorways and many secondary roads to drive climbing over mountains, on the return the gearbox was partially broken and they drove only in first and fourth gear.

I’m excited to listen to this beautiful story of a married couple, now more than 50 years, that at the sight of the car were caught by a profusion of emotions and complicity that still binds them so strongly. It is one of many stories that binds our past to this wonderful car and unites generations and generations.


Maboo Tourism



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