New partnership with Ricicli Design

The  weekend of the 8 th dicember 2017 I went with my girl friend in Mantova and i met in a beautiful Christmas market Giulia and Andrea from Ricicli Design.

I was immediately fascinated from their products… incredible bags, furniture accessories, slippers and most of all my attention was for the “Mezzaluce” Lamp. Built with a Fiat 500’s headlight and recovery wood.

The Lamp is so stunning and terrific!! Once at home i was thinking about the lamp and it inspires me so much that i asked Giulia and her team to think about products on the 500’s theme on reusing spare parts of the car and build something new with a total different use. So stay tuned …we are thinking about!

We decided to cooperate with this project and actually i will propose you the lamp of Ricicli Design… here for the complete description.  You can purchase all the products on Ricicli Design site and, if you specify   mabootourism   code, you will have an extra 3% discount!! So before buying send a mail with our code and after you can complete the purchase.


Maboo Tourism






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