Incredible success at the truffle fair in San Miniato with ours Fiat 500

What a day in San Miniato !!

Our idea was to celebrate the 60th birthday of the Fiat 500 and exhibit all the cars starting from the N model to the R model and also the modified versions (Francis Lombardi, Abarth, Giannini).

We created a photo set to shoot photos to the visitors and they could interact with an electronic guitar of 1970 and a videocamera of 1972; songs of the sixties created the right atmosphere.  We made also a set for the Fiat 500 N model of 1958 …the oldest and more precious car we had in our exhibition.

The visitors could appreciate the history oh the cars on reading a brief description on each stand.

I have to thank my staff for the concept design, the briliant organization and the realization of the event. Special thanks also to Fiat500 Club Italia, Spazio16 and Etabeta for the cooperation and support.


Maboo Tourism





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