Back home after Workshop in Agrietour 11/12 November 2016

I am back from Agrietour…for me it was the first time and it was so terrific !!! amazing !!! Really i could not espect such a beautiful workshop on knowing a lot of interesting people. I had the possibility to talk with so a variety of nations with a common interest…..the tourist !!! Really nice and gentle people full of enthusiasm and a smile for everyone.

I could talk to 25 foreign operators but I would have liked to talk to everyone… i am sorry for that.  So i want to THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!  For me it was a pleasure to meet you and to have the possibility to explain our territory. Thanks also to the great organization of the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa, our partner in Agrietour.

The feeling on hearing each of you is that the tourist wants to discover something new…something away from the big cities.

So think about discover our area made of genuine people, little familiar companies, fresh and new products, unusual events and festivals, beautiful scenarios.




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